Vakpati Foundation

Shri Vakpati Foundation is a TRUST established by the Founder Shri Vallabhacharya Trutiya Gruhadhish Goswami 108 Shri Vrajeshkumarji Maharaj (Kankroli), duly registered under Public Trust Act with the Charity Commissioner under No.E/4913/Vadodara, with a view to undertake multifarious activities for the social, religious, spiritual and overall upliftment of mankind, leading to highest sublimation of their life, by propagating Indian Vedic Philosophy especially propounded by Jagad Guru Shri Vallabhacharyaji.

Goswami 108 Shri Vagishkumarji Kankroli Yuvraj, Promoter of Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth is the elder son of Goswami 108 Shri Vrajeshkumarji Maharaj is the Chairman and Managing Trustee of the Trust and all its various objects and activities are planned, organized and managed by him. He is a very versatile personality having outstanding achievements in the field of literature, especially Hindi and Sanskrit, religion, art, music and bestowed with various titles, awards and widely traveled across length and breadth of the world at a very young age of 34 years. Under his able stewardship the trust has already established landmark in various fields.

The basic objectives of this foundation are as follows:

  • To spread the awareness amongst the people about the rich heritage of India, its eternal religion, Shuddhadvaita doctrine and premlakshana bhakti.
  • To perform the activities to uplift people socially, literary, spiritually and economically.
  • To encourage the research activities in the field of religion, spirituality, and arts.
  • To spread the awareness amongst the people through the medium of books, magazines, audio/video cassettes or CDs etc.
  • To renovate the ancient monuments and sculptures of Pushtimarg.


 Activities of Vakpati Foundation:

  • Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth (Open University)
  • The compilation and publication of Pushtimargiya Gyaan Kosh (Encyclopedia)
  • Shree Vallabhiya Vaishnav Elite forum (Pushti Praygan Parivar)
  • Publication of Pushtipath, a Tri-monthly magazine Hindi and Charnamrut, a Bi-monthly magazine in Gujarati.
  • Pushtak prakashan (publication of books)
  • Shree Vallabh Vichar Prasar-prachar Abhiyaan
  • To organize the spiritual camps.
  • To organize the activities related to public health.
  • Jan Kalyan Sahaay Yojana for performing the activities to provide help to the common people.
  • Sanskaar Bodh Pariksha is the series of exams meant to spread the awareness about the eternal Hindu religion and more importantly Vyasan Mukti Abhiyaan (evil addictions) throughout the integral parts of India by reaching to common people without the distinction of caste, creed and nationality

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